About Labanto

The antiqued mirror trademark LABANTO is made with a traditional process passed down through the centuries: the silvering bathroom of the flat glass and and subsequent staining for oxidation of powdered metals. This makes the mirrors Labanto of the same characteristics as those produced from the eighteenth to the twentieth century; simultaneously offering countless possibilities for producing new pieces.

About Me

Glass, liquid silver, minerals and oxidation are the principal elements of francesca brinatti’s creative process: what she looks into the mirror is not just the image of the reality reflected but also the layers that make it up. Here the matter and its memory are the real subjects of investigation where the 4 archaic elements melt into a whole: the stratification of metals regulated by the element time, the land; the liquid composition of silver plating, water; glass as a result of sand fusion, fire; and finally the air essential for the oxidation of minerals and for life.

About Us

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